Our Exhibition / Open Days

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Our 2020 Exhibition  has been cancelled.  We apologise to all those hoping to come, but hope you understand the reasons why in the current circumstances.

Pictures from our 2015 exhibition

Left three; Club OO layout Beeton Hough: The 'four' stooges - sleepy, confused, giggly and 'what you lookin' at?':  Next two; Castlefinn, the club OOn3 layout, all stocked up and raring to go:  It's not true that some clubs are made up of grumpy old men - everything is going fine - really!:  Next three; Gwnuedifyniinifyndylmaen Junction, the club N gauge layout: Far right; an overview of the hall.


Do you have model trains in a box in your attic or garage and would like advice on the best ways of disposing of them?
Would you like to begin railway modelling and don't know how or where to start?
Members of the Chester MRC would be pleased to offer impartial advice, so
please contact us via the contact page.