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          Gwnuedifyniinifyndylmaen Junction is on the North Wales coast is set in the late 1950's to early 1960's period. This allows a nice variety of steam engines plus the occasional diesel to be run. Its summertime so frequent services are to be seen as countless holiday makers travel by train to holiday on the North Wales Coast. Both local and express trains will be seen as well as freight. The town council have recently managed to join the new town twinning scheme and the town has been twinned with Rumpelkammer Kreis Meinheim in Germany. Hopefully this brings more international visitors to holiday in this popular part of North Wales.

          Gwnuedifyniinifyndylmaen Junction is fictitious but is based on the trackplan of Holywell Junction. Features to be included on the layout are a single line branch to the town, the head of a quarry with rail and dockside loading facilities (a bit like at Penmaenmawr) and of course that typical North Wales feature, a caravan site. Ours will be between the railway and the sea as many typically were and indeed still are!

          The size of the layout overall is 15' x 6' 4 and will be operated from a central well. Control will be by conventional DC as this allows both old, new, DC and DCC locomotives to be run. Track is mainly Peco code 55 with code 80 used in the fiddle yard. We have re-used track we already had as well as buying any we needed as this seemed to be the most cost effective way of doing things. Plus we're recycling, so its green.

          A removable board has now been built for access to the operating well. This still needs a little fiddling with to get perfect and wiring up. The rest of the track has been wired as have the control panels, so test running will soon be happening. The N gauge section of our club is quite small in numbers so new members are always welcome as there's still wiring to do, track to paint and ballast, scenery to make etc so there's plenty to be get involved with!

Progress October 2014

A lot has happened since the last update. Back in May 2013 we took the centre section of the layout to the clubs open day exhibition. It was wired up for running and had scenery on it. We made the decision whilst there to re-wire the layout to enable each track to be run on either a dc or dcc controller. This would 'future proof' the layout. Not an easy decision to make as we had no dcc locomotives or controllers! But we figured this situation would change over time. Some pictures taken on the day follow.

Its been some time since then so what has happened?

The rewiring has commenced and is nearing completion, a start has been made on making new platforms for the station and the whole layout now has a backscene. Some scenery has been started too.

(these three pictures courtesy of S. Barrett)

Progress is slow as we are a small section but there is a lot to be done still so new members are always welcome.

As the layout progresses more pictures will appear.

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