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Wrexham High Town, was successfully exhibited at Warley on the 14th & 15th of November 2009. This was the first opportunity for many members of the club to view the layout.

above picture at Merseyside show Oct 2012

It has also appeared in Railway Modeller Magazine in July 2010

Stock of members of the section

Left and middle left; 'Dornoch Firth' No. 70054, an 7P6F introduced in 1951 and built at Derby.  Looking through my uncle's Ian Allan abc of British Railway locomotives I found that he had actually seen this loco in action, though where and when it fails to say!  It had 32150lbs tractive effort.  Right and middle right;  'City of Carlisle' No.46238, which my uncle had not seen, although he had seen the two either side, C. of Bristol and C. of Chester!  The 8P or 'Coronation' class had a huge t.e of 40000lbs, with 6'9'' driving wheels.

All three;   'Lord Farringdon' No. 60034.  An A4, as introduced to the L.N.E.R in 1935, this one being built at Doncaster in 1938, as you can see from the cabside plate!.  They were all fitted with a double chimney, 6'8'' driving wheels and had 35455lbs tractive effort -  impressive beasts!  When I have more information on the kits themselves I will put it up here.

Below;  No. 45300, a fairly common class 5MT introduced by Stanier in 1934.  it had a t.e. of 25455lbs and 6' driving wheels. My uncle came close with seeing No. 45298 but it is not surprising he didn't see it as there were 841 of this popular design produced, of which four were named; 'Lanarkshire Yeomanry' 45154, 'Ayreshire Yeomanry' 45156, 'The Glasgow Highlander' 45157 & 'Glasgow Yeomanry' 45158.  

We are delighted to be putting here details of our O Gauge stock.  There will be more details and photographs when I get the chance and details of the layout will appear as and when.  If you wish to become involved with the group please contact us below.



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