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After a great deal of consideration, we have decided to not run any more railtours for the foreseeable future.

We realise that this will disappoint a great many of our regular passengers, many of whom have been coming with us for many years.


We thank you for your support over the years.


I am sure you will be wondering why we have come to this decision; in no particular order.

a) We actually received a quote for a train in 2017, but the price was very much higher than we were expecting and

would have resulted in ticket prices being higher than we thought the majority of our passengers would be willing to pay.


b) The railways are very much busier than when we started these tours, itself no bad thing.

However this restricts the availability of trains to hire and restricts the routes and destinations we can use.


c) The organising societies have largely attained their objectives of running these trains.


d) The existing organising team have been running these tours for over thirty years now.

With no prospect of willing and younger volunteers coming forward, it is time to ‘retire’.


Laurence and the tirelessly hardworking team.



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